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Deborrah Wyndham: Bio


As seen on ABC Chicago, FOX and NBC, contemporary pianist/composer Deborrah Wyndham has given over 3,500 performances nation-wide. With this history and the recent release of her first CD recording of all original instrumental piano music entitled “The Beginning”, she has established herself as one of the most accomplished and inventive composers on the piano music scene today. Her original works reflect a unique, contemporary style all her own that lies in the realm somewhere between classical and jazz.

Along with dozens of past TV and radio appearances, performances and interviews, Deborrah Wyndham has also performed in many large concert halls and theaters, colleges and universities, performing arts centers, museums, libraries, festivals, night clubs, private residences and more. In concert Deborrah performs many of her original pieces as well as traditional jazz styles like ragtime, boogie woogie and her stride-inspired arrangements of up-tempo standards as well as classically-inspired, virtuosic and oftentimes polyrhythmic interpretations of jazz ballads.

With virtuosity and an unparalleled elegance rarely seen today by young artists, many frequently ask if Deborrah is a graduate of Juillard or Berklee, though she studied piano only in her youth for five years beginning at the age of eight and honed her skills playing in restaurants, hotels and nursing homes for many years beginning in her teens before taking the concert stage on a regular basis. Her love of ragtime music started at an early age and since then, many other genres have been explored as well. Composing came spontaneously inspired in the Spring of 2006 with her first composition "The Atmosphere" and along with it all other selections on her CD "The Beginning". As many listeners claim, these modern classical compositions have a strikingly distinct sound of hints of jazz colors merged with classical refinement. Weaving seamlessly in and out of the two styles with mesmerizing and refreshingly unexpected musical turns and textures, Deborrah Wyndham opens a new world of timeless, hauntingly beautiful music.