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Deborrah Wyndham: Reviews

"Thank you for the wonderful Ragtime concert last week! Some of my favorite comments (from the audience) are: 'How will you ever top that?', 'She was amazing!', 'Wow, she is extremely talented!' We thoroughly enjoyed the concert. The music and history of Ragtime were wonderful! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with our community!"

Denise Farmosa - Richard Sugden Library, Spencer, MA

"An artist like Deborrah only comes along once in a lifetime..."

Dr. Frank Corbett Jr. - CNET Review

"blows me away...spellbinding"

Aimsel Ponti - The Portland Press Herald

"Wyndham never gives less than an inspired performance...with genuine emotion and succulent beauty."

Vivian Fields - Midnight Jazz

"I worked with Duke Ellington's band for several years as well as with many Chicago big bands and I think Deborrah Wyndham is a superb talent!"

Benton Harbor, MI - James S. Madden

"...radiates with the soulfulness of jazz...there is a crystalline elegance to her playing."

Julian Wilson - Trans Europe Xpress

"Deborrah Wyndham both soothes and electrifies the ear with her dynamic sense of rhythm and melody...This is not audio window dressing, but a soundtrack in sync with the pulse of human emotion...a spellbinding pianist"

Kyrby Raine - INK 19

"Deborrah Wyndham slices away the cookie-cutter syndrome which has often infected contemporary pianists...she can play with technical precision but it is the vibrant personality of her performances that stands out...she goes the extra mile to ensure that the music is given its own touch, drawing upon classical and jazz inspirations with the vivid imagination of a talented painter."

R.M. Sutton - All About Jazz

"Versatile Deborrah Wyndham is a musical breath of fresh air. Her playing moves so comfortably from genre to genre and her original compositions evoke a big-heartedness and sophisticated elegance. Drop everything if you have an opportunity to see her!"

"A composer's goal is usually to convey their passion through music. Deborrah Wyndham's music does just that. What one hears from Deborrah's first note on the piano is an urgency to relay her very emotional playing, but with a calming fluidity. Deborrah Wyndham's intense personal expression is heard in every composition she plays."

"With her truly excellent playing, Deborrah Wyndham breathes new life and added sophistication to classic jazz standards as well as more contemporary pop. Great talent and a great smile - what could be better?"

"Dear Deborrah - Thank you for playing at the Music Hall. Your talent, grace and professionalism were greatly appreciated. We thoroughly enjoyed your performance and hope to have you back at our venue in the future."

"Deborrah's a very talented pianist and composer who always puts on an amazing show!"

Julia Bingham, Career Resource & Programs Coordinator - Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA

“…wonderful playing, with exciting technical flash, and evidencing a deep personal relationship with the repertoire at hand, making a rewarding experience for the audience.”

Edward A. Broms, Director of Music and Concert Series - The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston, MA

“Deborrah played with a freedom and inventiveness not often heard on the concert stage. She set just the right tone for our series.”

Kevin Jones, Director of Music - Christ Church Cathedral, Hartford, CT

"I'm in my 90's and have been all over and heard a lot of piano music in my time and I've never heard anything as good as your playing."

Resident - Northview Manor, Grand Rapids, MI

“It was a pleasure to have Deborrah Wyndham here with us at Trinity High School. In a short amount of time she was able to grab the attention of our students with her talent and musical selections. She immediately established a rapport with the audience and connected with the students. Deborrah is a very talented and engaging musician. We are very thankful she shared her time and talents with us. The students and faculty had fun and it looked like Deborrah had fun as well.”

Patrick Smith, Assistant Principal - Trinity High School, Manchester, NH

"Deborrah Wyndham was a breath of fresh air when she came to Sturgis as part of our regular eight show performance series. Our patrons are accustomed to seeing the best in touring entertainment acts, and they quickly realized that Ms Wyndham is a top shelf entertainer herself, possessing abundant talent as a pianist and composer.

She was thorough and professional in her preparations for the show, working closely with staff to promote and plan the event. Ms Wyndham is everything you hope for as a buyer of talent: punctual, a clear communicator, creative, and gracious. It was no surprise that our audience took an immediate liking to her as she began to talk and play.

In matters of style Deborrah Wyndham has great chops, honed on blistering ragtime numbers and classic piano standards, and everyone in the house was enthralled by her unique interpretations of those familiar tunes. Her subtle jazz sensibilities pleased even the most seasoned listeners.

As her program shifted to her own compositions, a more contemporary and adventurous spirit filled the concert hall, and our patrons began to pull me aside to ask if and when Ms Wyndham would be returning to Sturgis to perform again. Due to the effective combination of warm and engaging stories, command of the instrument, and artistic brilliance, Deborrah Wyndham holds a solid and special place in the pantheon of rising stars who have graced our stage.

Deborrah Wyndham is a total class act, and we were honored to sponsor her appearance: The concert was a huge success. Without reservation I highly recommend the musical talents of Ms Wyndham to any community and any hall in the country."

"Deborrah's album 'Tenderly' is powerful, good medicine with a unique and mysterious quality in her style.  She is a very talented practitioner of rhythmic bi-metric polymorphism.   This means she plays in two time signatures (or meters) at once and her creativity is expressed by morphing (seamlessly transitioning) her emphasis between these two signatures and short segments of almost free form time.  On one tune, I was stunned to hear a segment in which she was clearly maintaining three simultaneous time signatures (2/2, 4/4 and 12/8) while adding creative elements on top (trimetric polymorphism!!!).  If there existed a sophisticated enough listener on the staff of the Guinness Book of World Records this might be one for the book!

  "She plays the melodies and chords (except for some arpeggiation and embellishment tones) of all the tunes strait as written.  Yet, the genius of her rhythm alone creates an amazing experience for the listener.  The reason is, when a typical jazz style piano musical performance is given, within the first two measures of the composition being played by the performer, a tacit and subliminal understanding is established by the performer to the listener regarding time and meter.  The performer will then engage in chordal improvisational single note line expression (which can be very exciting).  However, no further challenge to this rhythm agreement is made throughout the rest of the tune.  She, however makes no simple deals regarding rhythm with the listener up front.  She pulls them onto the Deborrah Wyndham world of bi-metric polymorphic rhythm creativity and she doesn't need any edgy chords or lines!  She does it to 'em with the rhythm alone and the intrinsic beauty of the original composition.  This is why listening to her is unlike any other piano listening experience!!!

  "Deborrah right now is playing at a very high level of skill and has not even cracked the lid on the tool box of the traditional strait jazz style pianist.  The creative expression of almost all traditional jazz style pianists is in the domain of melodic and harmonic improvisation.  The subtle and delicate rhythmic expression which is the hallmark of her playing is almost never heard as the primary mode of expression.  In fact, there are probably very few chord and note mavens that could do it!!"

Steve Durgin, Jazz Musician - Portsmouth, NH - CD Review (Oct 9, 2007)